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    This is a really bad day in the office

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    Underwater...everyone's equal

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    "See, that brought a smile to your face"

  • Underwater everything is equal

    Happy days are days with a positive purpose

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    A British charity, run by volunteer Scuba Divers.

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    Underwater we aim to make everyone equal

new horizons

We run specially adapted scuba diving programmes for seriously injured UK armed service people.

The programme has many proven benefits for the troops which is starting to attract the attention of those in academic research. We are working with agencies both here and in the USA in respect of further research into the rehabilitative properties of scuba diving for the severely wounded.

Our programmes are especially beneficial to those suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and  is supported by senior doctors and has provided startling results.


The Deptherapy charitable status is defined as:

“The relief of people, especially wounded, current and ex-members of the UK Armed Services, their dependents and, when funds and resources permit, similar persons from the ‘blue light’ services and their dependents, and eventually those from the general population, with a life-changing physical and/or mental condition or the like, by providing opportunities for rehabilitation, motivation and life-enrichment through specially tailored professionally delivered scuba diving”

Our first aim is to support and help ex-members of the UK armed services. Our second goal is to help those in the emergency services and finally our third goal is to expand our programme to include the public. Deptherapy is not limited to those with physical injuries but we also want to help those with work fatigue no matter who you are or what you do.

Whilst the medical science is in its infancy there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that scuba diving can support those who have these recognised conditions. The Deptherapy and Deptherapy Education Charity is more dive community based service, that hopefully adds a positive purpose to those who are wanting help.