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The Deptherapy Ethos

Many of the guys who have been on our programme liken being involved with us to being part of a family and a very close family at that. It is this family atmosphere that makes us very different to other charities.

Some become very close personal friends with members of the Deptherapy team and as ever the bond between armed service personnel is always to be seen in this ‘Band of Brothers’.

The rehabilitation through diving is just a part, albeit a very important part of what we do. Medical evidence shows that diving reduces the symptoms of PTSD and we are always available post the dive experience to help those who suffer from both mental and physical challenges.

Our trustees and team are from such diverse backgrounds that we can offer advice and support on many issues ranging from personal financial matters to coping with PTSD.

We have close connections with a range of other ‘service’ charities who we can call on for help.

Being part of the family is your choice but many of the guys believe in what we offer and the warmth of our welcome and support.

One of our programme members described Deptherapy like this “Deptherapy is like your favourite armchair, you just sit down and it wraps itself around you”

“Deptherapy can help turn anyone’s life around, it changed my life, ask anyone that knows me!”

Kevin Pryke, Private, 1st Battalion ‘The Vikings’, Royal Anglian Regiment

“Deptherapy and Richard Cullen made me the man I am today”

Chris Middleton formerly Royal Scots’ Dragoon Guards

Dave Maclean, formerly of The Rifles and Chris Middleton reflect on the times they have been at Richard’s house: “Sometimes when a few of us have been at Richard and Christine’s house it has resembled a ward at Headley, wheelchairs and prosthetics lying around in the lounge.”

Jeremy Stengel a former American Marine was due to come on the Deptherapy programme, he had lost one leg below the knee and was suffering from acute PTSD. He sat in his room with a loaded and cocked pistol in his hand and a coin in the other, heads Deptherapy, tails suicide. It was heads and Jeremy relates how his experience and the continuing support turned his life around.

Arron formerly 1st Battalion, Anglian Regiment was injured in a RPG blast and in addition to damaging his leg he suffered massive internal complications resulting in some of his intestines being replaced by plastic tubing. In constant pain Arron was close to suicide when he came on the programme, the diving and the support he received convinced him life was worth living.

Danny Richards, formerly Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery came out with us on our Florida programme, he loved the diving but when he returned home he was unable to find employment and became depressed. Dan has a rare through the shoulder amputation as the result of a near fatal motor cycle accident shortly after returning from Afghanistan. Danny doubted he could complete the swims required as part of the PADI Course. In the pool cheered on by dozens of instructors, dive masters and other students he completed his swims and floats. A beaming face said it all and he wrote “Thank you so much for believing in me.” Danny completed his open water course with us at our base in Egypt – Roots Luxury camp and wrote that he considered him self blessed having been on the programme which was changing his life.

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