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News Letter

HMRC Charity Reference EW 24358

President: Air Vice-Marshal Dr Jon Lamonte PhD MA BSc(Hons) CDir CMath CCMI FCIMA FCILT FIOD FRICS FRIN FRSA CDipAF DL RAF(retd)



To all Patrons, Directors, Associate Directors, Regional Reps. Advisory Board members and Ambassadors

 Hope this finds you well and hopefully I will be able to produce a newsletter for everyone each month depending on how much information we have to communicate.


The website, thanks to a lot of hard work from Simon Mackay now has all the profiles (couple still await details) of the President, Directors and Associate Directors.

We welcome back to the Main Board as a Director Daimon Haywood

 To our three new Associate Directors

 Dean Goodall MBE

Programme Member Recruitment and Armed Service Liaison

Dean Goddall








Lucy Alfred


 Lucy Alfred headshot





Vicki Haywood


Vicki haywood2







Next Board Meeting

24 September 2015


Forthcoming Events


1 September     Lee Valley Water Park Miss Scuba UK (Richard, John, Andy, Kevin and Chris Baker)


1 October         Atlantis Challenge – Rees Flynn and Vodafone colleagues at Divecrew (Richard and Martin)


19 October       Talk to the Injured on Duty Police Pensioners Association (Richard and Andy)


23/24 October   Dive Show, NEC Birmingham. Two twin rooms available. Volunteers required to work on the stand, rattle boxes etc. (Contact Richard)

 dive 2015




21 November    Scottish Dive Conference – (presentation) Richard

 scottish dive


December (dates tbc) Thailand experienced group led by Simon Mackay, (Chris M, Luke and Kevin) with Dot Eaton


4-11 December Roots Red Sea – foundation programme + Pros’ Course



12 December    Divecrew’s Party in the Park in aid of Deptherapy – contact Divecrew for tickets.

Dive creww




 Kevin O’Rourke who recently came on a PADI OW Course with Divecrew has donated £1500 on behalf of a Twyford and District Rotary Club of which he was Chair.


Rees Flynn and members from his team have raised £2000+ through Just Giving by climbing Mount Snowdon this will be matched by Vodafone.  Rees is another Divecrew diver.

reece witherspoon

Miss Scuba UK


The contestants for Miss Scuba UK have all needed to do something to raise money for Deptherapy, this has included a calendar, beauty treatments, functions etc., and we wait to see how much was raised. Best of luck to the contestants a real challenge.

miss scuba

Tough Mudder

Our own Luke ‘Stumpy’ Simpson who was on the March programme and lost a leg on an IED explosion has raised over £1000 by taking part in Tough Mudder.  Hard enough with two legs let alone one

tough mudder

We have a number of other on-going fundraising events ranging from marathons to paddle board adventures.


Just Giving has been a positive step for us and it is great to see so many people getting behind the charity.



Our Masonic Supporters in the Middlesex Grand Lodge have decided that we will be one of their chosen charities for not only 2015 but for 2016 as well.  This really is amazing fundraising and we stand to receive some substantial donations over this and the next financial year. Thanks to Dickie Henderson who is a real supporter of our work and a diver.



24 Hour Dive

Dickie is also organising a 24 hour dive in the stage tank of Pinewood Studios – more details to follow.  This is a very newsworthy event


A BIG thank you to all our supporters for without them none of this happens.



I don’t know whether I am glad to say or sad to say that even without extending our work to the first of the UK ‘blue light services’ we have an ever growing waiting list of injured Armed Service personnel waiting to join us. At the moment we could fill next year’s courses twice over.  Interest is coming to us via a number of routes but Chris Middleton, one of our Ambassadors has been particularly successful in engaging with his brothers in arms.


Chris was the first person to qualify from Deptherapy to become a PADI OW Diver and he has developed since.  It is interesting to note the ‘pay back’ Chris is now giving to these former colleagues and he is helping several through very distressing times. Chris and I are working very hard at the moment with a 23 year old Royal Scots’ Dragoon Guard trooper who has acute PTSD but also has suffered testicular cancer. Married with a young family he is struggling and the dark thoughts of PTSD that are surrounding him. He wants to dive with us and we will try to take him with us in December but as he is still serving we may need to mobilise our President to convince his CO to let him come on the programme.


The next foundation programme is scheduled for 4-11 December at Roots Red Sea


December’s programme at Roots is:

  1. Ben Stoten formerly Prince of Wales Royal Regiment, bi lateral amputee one BK and one thro’ knee.
  2. Mike Jones formerly RAF acute PTSD and a degenerative back injury
  3. Gary Green formerly the Rifles, Gary has lost the sight in his right eye and has shrapnel still in his face from an IED. He has complex PTSD
  4. Awaits Chris Baker who is a wheelchair user should have been coming with us but he now has family commitments so his place will hopefully be taken by Danny Martin, the Royal Scots’ Trooper referred to above.


Interest to join the programme has come in from people such as Ricky Ferguson MC and Combat Stress.


Greg Gadson

Our attention was drawn to an article in the USA about a former US Army Colonel who lost both his legs in an IED explosion.  In the article the Colonel stated his ambition was to dive in the Red Sea.  You can read more at:…/…


The Board has agreed that if Greg can pay for his own flights we will integrate him into the December programme, so he will get his scuba instruction free with the other guys and his accommodation and diving free courtesy of Roots Red Sea and his manuals etc., should be provided free of charge by PADI. So this can be achieved at NO COST to Deptherapy.


UPDATE: Whilst writing Greg Wallick has been in touch he has spoken to Gadson who is an Advanced Open Water Diver. So we could do Deep or something else with him. Greg is looking how he might fund the trip from his end.


Chris Middleton

Chris is now working in a dive centre in Dubai and wants to realise his long term dream to become a PADI Instructor. This is a huge challenge and the first step is for Chris to complete his Rescue Diver Course, rack up some dives and then progress to his Dive Master course.  Here he will face some huge hurdles as there are a number of timed swims etc., which are challenging enough for those with two legs let alone none.


There is a huge desire amongst the diving community for Chris to succeed and to become the world’s first bi-lateral amputee scuba instructor.  There is one thing for certain that Deptherapy will give Chris every bit of support we can along with our friends in PADI.


We have updated the website, profiles etc., have been posted a big thank you to Simon Mackay for all his hard work on this in addition to running his own dive centre in Fuerteventura.

The board will need to decide whether to engage an IT expert to build the members’ section of the website that will need security and a log in system.  The pages look a lot better now and make more sense.

We will also create a membership data base

Drop Box

Other than the presentations for the Pros’ Course I have now put all relevant Deptherapy information in a series of folders and John Spencer-Ades has supplied us with a Drop Box.  John will send out access to the President, Directors, Associate Directors and Simon.  If you create a document in addition to placing it in the relevant folder to the drop box please copy to me as I have them all on my computer and backed up on a separate drive. Thank you

Email addresses

We will publish a list of Deptherapy email addresses, so all Board Members, Patrons, Associate Directors and Regional Reps can have a Deptherapy email address.

We will prepare a Patrons, Directors, Associate Directors and Regional Reps list plus one for circulation of Board Agendas and Minutes that will also go to Advisory Board Members.

Combat Stress

I was approached by Combat Stress (Northern Ireland) about a veteran whose elderly mother had paid for him to do a diving course and he had enjoyed it so much he wants to progress his diving. However his PTSD and severe depression means he is unwilling to join a local club. I am looking to see if and how we might help.  This isolation and unwillingness to talk, feeling scared of others is something that has emerged with three separate individuals wanting to come on programmes this week.

In broader terms Combat Stress have asked for information about the charity and our work. I have provided this and they would be an excellent partner for what we do.

Pros’ Programme

Our next Pros programme is being held at Roots Red Sea on 5/6 December to coincide with our Foundation course. There are delegates from the UK and Egypt.

Our week at Roots coincides with a week advertised as ‘diving for all’ within the Hurghada area of Egypt and we are hoping to have an open day where those interested in working with those with disabilities will come along and see what we do.

The link below is to Roots Red Sea where Steve and Clare continue to be huge supporters and make our trips possible through their generosity.


Pre Programme Try Dive

We are running a try dive session for the guys who will be going on the December programme at Divecrew on a Sunday during October.  Martin the co-owner of Divecrew will sort out a date.

It will give some of our trained DMs and Instructors the opportunity to work with people with disabilities. I will also ask Chris Baker and hopefully Luke Simpson will come down with his wife Jacqueline who is also interested in scuba and will fulfil the bit of our headline that we work with partners as well.

We will also use it as an opportunity to do some video recording for a series of videos we are looking to make to promote the charity and to say thank you to our sponsors and supporters.


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