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News Letter

A Charitable Limited Company – Companies House Number 09756000

HMRC Charity Reference EW 24358


President: Air Vice-Marshal Dr Jon Lamonte PhD MA BSc(Hons) CDir CMath CCMI FCIMA FCILT FIOD FRICS FRIN FRSA CDipAF DL RAF(retd)


“Your support changes the lives of those helped by this amazing charity.  Deptherapy changes our lives, and for some of us it has saved our lives”

Gary Green 




To all Patrons, Directors, Associate Directors, Regional Reps. Advisory Board members and Ambassadors


 “I know that Deptherapy saved my life and I know it saved ‘x’s life, without your intervention I know we would have both taken our own lives, thank you.” Soldier ‘A’

If we ever needed justification for the work we do those words provide it. They are the words of one of our programme members. This is what we do ‘We change peoples’ lives’.

We know from the USA that suicide rates amongst veterans of recent conflicts are spiralling and run at three times the national average. We know that the incident rate of PTSD and depressive disorders is far higher than those found in the general population of the UK


We know what we do works.


As we approach the Festive Season I hope this finds you well, this is our third newsletter and things are really buzzing for us at the moment. As we approach the end of 2015 we would like to say a huge thank you to our supporters, our sponsors and our fundraisers. It is your efforts that allow us to provide the range of services that we do. It is your hard work that allows us to reach out to our injured troops.



On behalf of the Board may we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..


I hope when you read through this newsletter you will realise exactly how much work we are doing to help to rehabilitate our Armed Services personnel who have suffered life changing mental and physical challenges. Deptherapy has no paid employees, everyone on our team are volunteers, who give of their time freely to support those we work with on our programmes.  We would love to do more but to do so we need more sponsors, more fundraisers and more supporters.




Luke ‘Stumpy’ Simpson who should have been going on the expedition to Thailand on 30 November seriously damaged his stump in a freak fall a couple of months ago.  The injury has not healed properly and Luke is set for surgery on his leg.  His replacement Pete Bowker then fell and broke the bone is his stump that will require surgery.


I know the whole Deptherapy community will wish both a speedy recovery and a return to scuba diving asap.




In May 2014 when we created Deptherapy and Deptherapy Education as a charity, without any funds, we adopted the Charity Commission’s Small Charity Constitution.  As we started to raise funds we registered the charity at Companies House as a Charitable Company Limited by guarantee.  This means we are incorporated as a company and have our Memorandums and Articles of Understanding. Now that accountants have signed off our first year’s accounts and we have completed the Trustees’ Annual Report we will have submitted an application to the Charity Commission to be registered with them as a charitable company by mid – December. It has been a long and hard journey but we are now where we wanted to be.


A huge thank you to Collin and Kate Miles the owners of Miles Better for carrying the work out for us as a special rate. Collin was the former owner of Divecrew and he and Kate now run and accounting and business consulting company.




We welcome two new Patrons, Paul Rose and Brett Parker


Paul will be well known to most of those in the diving community and you can find more about Paul’s career and interests on our website under Patrons.  It was brilliant that Chris Middleton was able to invite Paul to be a Patron at the conclusion of Paul’s masterful presentation to a packed audience at the Dive Show. Paul has been a great supporter of the charity and having him on board as a Patron means a lot to us all. Thank you Paul for accepting our invitation.

 paul diver show

The audience for Paul’s talk when Chris invited him to become a patron

 paul miss scuba

Paul Rose with the Miss Scuba UK 2016 Calendar is support of Deptherapy

Brett Parker – BSAC Council Member

Brett joined the Army in 1988 and started diving on the first Wednesday sports afternoon shortly after.  His first open water dive was in the dockyard at Portland when it was still an active Naval base.  He finally left the Army in 1997 but continues to dive regularly and instruct with the Hellfins Branch of the BSAC, based in London.



Brett has also been on the BSAC Council as a director for the last 4 years, mainly involved with the Commercial side as well as looking after events and shows.  He has always been interested in getting people diving, whether new to the sport or returning as it’s a great leveller and there is little better than seeing someone’s face light up after a dive.  It’s also about the sense of comradery that reminds him a lot of being in the Army and being able to rely on your buddy



The HSE has issued new guidance is respect of professional divers. The advice contains advice and direction on certain mental illness/ anxiety disorders.  This has consequences for some of our programme members and reinforces our commitment that all programme members need to be certified ‘fit to dive’ by an HSE Approved Medical Examiner of Divers.


The MEDICAL chapter of the IM will be amended in due course to reflect these changes.


AMEDs must consider the risk to the diver’s safety and the safety of those around them, taking into account the risk of recurrence of psychiatric or psychological disorders. They should pay particular attention to the various stresses associated with the type of work, remote location and risks involved.


Individuals should be free from psychiatric symptoms and cognitive impairment. They should not be suffering from psychological or personality issues that would interfere with their in-water safety or that of others. Particular attention should be paid to anxiety disorders due to the clear link between anxiety/panic and diving accidents.


The diver must be psychologically capable of undertaking diving activity. The diver’s manner, attitude, verbal and intellectual responses form part of the examination. Where any doubt exists, the AMED may need to obtain a specialist psychological assessment.


Some disorders, if symptomatic, would exclude an individual from all types of diving. They are:

■ Schizophrenia;

■ Bipolar affective disorder; and

■ recurrent depression.


When the above disorders are asymptomatic due to treatment, the AMED must obtain an opinion from a psychiatrist with a special interest in diving medicine.


The following disorders, if resolved, and where there have been no further episodes for at least six months while off psychotropic medication (or at least 12 months off psychotropic medication for divers working in saturation or undertaking other diving deeper than 50 metres), may be compatible with diving. Obtaining a specialist report might be appropriate to confirm the diagnosis and prognosis.


■ Single episodes of depression. More severe episodes may need to be regarded in the same way as recurrent depression

■ Deliberate self-harm

■ Anxiety disorders. Some anxiety responses may be specific to the diving environment, therefore resolution on land may not equate with resolution in water

■ Isolated psychotic episodes


The use of psychotropic medication (eg SSRIs for anxiety and/or depression) is a contraindication for saturation diving or other diving deeper than 50 metres. For other types of diving where there is a continuing need for psychotropic medication, the AMED must obtain an opinion from a psychiatrist with a special interest in diving medicine.


Use of such medication for management of chronic pain needs individual assessment and input from a diving medical specialist.


Vodafone Atlantis Challenge 16 October


Rees Flynn and Vodafone colleagues.  Papplewick School kindly allowed us to use their pool and the event was designed by Martin Weddell, one of our Directors and owner of Divecrew.


19 October.

We travelled down to the West Country for a talk to the Injured on Duty Police Pensioners Association. A full house and a great reception and a lot of interest in our work. Lots of questions and this organisation could potentially provide us with police officers to join the programme when we have the funds to extend our work to the ‘Blue Light’ Services. Thanks for the invite and for the locally made and cooked Cornish Pasty, amazing.


Birmingham Dive Show 24/25 October

deptherapy show

A brilliant two days at the Dive Show and a huge thank you to our Patron Dorothy Eaton for the continuing and generous support along with all at the Diver Group.  The stand was very busy over the two days and thanks to Daimon, Lee Guthrie, Dave Guthrie, and our three soldiers – Chris, Gary and Kevin + Kevin’s partner Laura we did a lot to raise the profile of the charity. Lee and Dave in particular did great things in obtaining raffle and auction prizes for Divecrew’s Party in the Park.  Pictured above Chris receives his Rescue Diver pack from PADI’s Simon Chance and Kevin his AOW pack.

First experience

For Gary Green it was his first Dive Show and he found the support shown by all for our work to be emotionally overwhelming.


Gary receiving his PADI OW pack from Simon Chance of PADI EMEA on the PADI stand at the Dive Show


Chris and Gary both appeared in a video about the charity made by Rolf Wilberg and supported by Chantelle Taylor-Newman, on our Facebook page it was viewed 3000 times and reached 10,000 people. Amazing thanks so much.


You can find the video on both our Facebook pages and on our website.



Miss Scuba UK

Not sure why everyone was smiling on the stand whenever the winner of Miss Scuba UK came along to the stand.  The contestants and organisers of Miss Scuba UK have been massive supporters of Deptherapy and we are so grateful for their ongoing support. A big thank you to Steve Rattle of Roots for all the work he put into making the competition such a success.

miss scuba

 miss scuba 2

This is a new tactic to keep Deptherapy Board members (Daimon and the winner of Miss Scuba UK) and supporters happy during the long hours working on the stand



21 November

 scots dive








Two talks on ‘Deptherapy and how the aquatic element heals.’ We also had a stand at the Conference.  First time and this event but another great chance to spread the message amongst the Scottish diving community.




28/29 November

Harrow Masonic Centre



We will have a stand at MGFF’s Winter Wonderland so we can firstly show support for MGFF

and bring more awareness to people generally about our work.





THAILAND 30 November – 13 December

This amazing trip is being hosted by David Jones’ Locker Dive Centre in Koh Tao – and the flights etc., are being sponsored by Sarah Waddington Solicitors.  This has all been planned by our Patron Dorothy Eaton.  We are looking to develop a partnership with Sarah and Perry that should benefit the charity considerably. A huge thank you from the Board to Sarah, Perry and Dot plus all at Davey Jones’ Locker PADI CDC.  The team will be Simon Mackay, Chris Middleton, Scott Brown and a.n. other.

sahah waddington
















4-11 December Roots Red Sea – foundation programme + Pros’ Course –, Gary Green, Mike Jones Danny Martin and Luke Morrison doing their PADI OW. Unfortunately Ben Stoten had to drop out of the trip due to work commitments but his place has been taken by Luke Morrison, a single below the knee amputee and former Para. Everyone is looking forward to working with Luke and we welcome him onto the programme. Luke is now a personal trainer/fitness instructor.


There will be running BLOGS on Scubaverse about both the Thailand Expedition and the Roots OW and DE Pros’ Courses.


12 December    Divecrew’s Party in the Park in aid of Deptherapy – hope lots of the guys will be in attendance – contact Divecrew for tickets.


dive crew112 people attending with £1000s in Raffle prizes and auction items. Hurry and get your ticket and join us for this huge fundraising event.


This has the makings of an amazing night and there is a big Deptherapy presence.  Gary Green has agreed to give a speech thanking Divecrew for their continued support for the charity and to Rees Flynn and his team for their fundraising efforts.





 24hours dive


2 January 2016

24 Hour Dive

Dickie Henderson is organising a 24 hour dive in the stage tank of Pinewood Studios – more details to follow.  This is a very newsworthy event.  Please contact Dickie Henderson either through our Facebook pages or:



26/27 January 2016

We are looking for a full house of team members to attend this course being so generously run by Dawn Collins at Coral Cay’s HQ in Surrey.  This will be a real help to the team as we try to work with more injured troops in the coming year many who have PTSD




30 January 2016



Another fundraiser, please support this event and come and listen to our Patron Paul Rose speak about Diving the Wild Places.








lidsLIDS 2016

11-14 February 2016


ExCel London Docklands this will be a huge event for us as it is part of the much bigger OUTDOOR SHOW so set up will be on the 10th and then FOUR days of the show.


We will need lots of people to cover the stand over the period, troops and supporters.






Club Diver was launched at the Dive Show, it is a new exciting dive magazine that will be produced every quarter and will include an article on disabled diving written by Richard Cullen.  The first edition is out now and it is the product of two divers who have suffered life changing illness – Neal Breedon (stroke) and James Neal a brain aneurism. Two amazing guys and big supporters of our work.










Here is a link to the magazine:



‘Pros’ Log in area’

Simon has found a way to create the members’ area on the website and we will populate this over the next few weeks. You will need a password to access this are and we will email all those eligible to access.


We will also create a membership data base


Pros’ Programme

Our next Pros programme is being held at Roots Red Sea on 5/6 December to coincide with our Foundation course. There are delegates from the UK and Egypt.


Our week at Roots coincides with a week advertised as ‘diving for all’ within the Hurghada area of Egypt and we are hoping to have an open day where those interested in working with those with disabilities will come along and see what we do.


The link below is to Roots Red Sea where Steve and Clare continue to be huge supporters and make our trips possible through their generosity.


UK Pros’ Course


There will be a Pros’ Course in the UK held at Divecrew in January or February, watch Facebook and website for details


Programmes 2016


We aim to run two core programmes next year and two expeditions (money permitting) one to Monserrat and one a Red Sea wreck liveaboard.


Monserrat would be with Coral Cay and the team would focus on environmental UW projects. Coral Cay is run by one of our Patrons Alistair Cole and Alistair has kindly offered Coral Cay’s premises for the 2 day MHFA referred to above. Thanks Alistair.


The Board committed itself to the concept of continued education and supporting core programme members to progress.


Board Meetings


Wishing to be as open as possible the Board has decided to ask one member of the Advisory Group or one of our programme members to attend each Board meeting to make sure we focus on delivering.


A Board meeting calendar will be published for all meetings in 2016.


Board Minutes are available for those with a genuine interest in the charity who require them for some purpose.


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